Curriculum innovation in higher professional education and the key role of the manager (3/3)

Paperpresentatie (30 minuten)562Hans Frederik; Vrije Universiteit

Tias - TZ 10do 16:00 - 17:30

Universities of applied sciences are the driving force in higher professional education and knowledge development. With approximately half a million students, these universities of applied sciences are the largest provider of highly educated professionals in the Netherlands. The success of these universities is partly determined by the quality of the connection and knowledge exchange with the professional field. The manager of the training team is responsible for the organization and development of the curriculum. In this role, they have powers in the areas of personnel, finance, quality assurance and planning within the institutional framework of the university. They are the central hub in the organization of training courses and are responsible for optimizing work processes and guaranteeing the quality of graduates. In this study we interviewed 25 managers about how they use their resources for innovation within their management frameworks in educational organizations. This research shows that innovation requires room for entrepreneurship and experiment.

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higher professional education, professional field, program director, resource orchestration